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About Better Education Books

Better Education Books is owned by Better Education Pty Ltd (ACN: 146 171 833, ABN: 63 146 171 833). It's been operating since 2008.

Better Education Books is an educational bookseller supplying student and teacher books and digital products from primary, secondary to higher education, academic and professional. We provide school and university booklist service. We are also a specialist in supplying VCE/HSC/WACE reference, select entry accelerated learning, selective school and scholarship test books or exam packs. We have been supplying books to schools, libraries, teachers, school and university students, solicitors, barristers, accountants and so on. We offer up to 20% discount depending on order value and products / publishers. Further discount is available for bulk buy.

Free shipping thresholds depend on order value and products / publishers as well. It will be worked out automatically when you order online. If the ordered items are from multiple publishers, there may have a separate shipping fee for each publisher. However free shipping will be provided when the total order value is over the thresholds. The free shipping should be available for a typical school/university booklist.

Parents, students, teachers, lecturers, professionals, schools, libraries or businesses are welcome to contact us to find out whether you can get more discounts for your booklists or bulk orders. We can supply your school/university booklists (excluding stationeries).

At Better Education Books, our staff strives to provide responsive and quality customer service and savings to our customers.

Why buy books from us?
1) responsive and quality customer service;
2) competitive discount;
3) Bulk / wholesale buy discount and free shipping / handling are available. For more books and school booklists, please visit bebooks.com.au