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All LexisNexis Titles

Data protection law
Law & society
Accounting law
Defamation law (slander & libel)
Law & the elderly
Advertising, marketing & sponsorship law
Disability & the law
Law as it applies to other professions
Discrimination in employment law
Legal ethics & professional conduct
Agency law
E-commerce law
Legal profession: general
Animal law
Employment & labour law
Legal skills & practice
Arbitration, mediation & alternative dispute resolution
Employment contracts
Legal system: costs & funding
Energy & natural resources law
Legal system: general
Banking & finance: study & revision guides
Entertainment & media law
Banking law
Environment law
Medical & healthcare law
Bankruptcy & insolvency
Equity & trusts
Mental health law
Business ethics & social responsibility
Family law
Military & defence law
Capital markets & securities law & regulation
Family law: children
Occupational health & safety law
Charity law
Financial law
Ownership & mortgage law
Civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution
Financial services law & regulation
Personal injury
Civil procedure: law of evidence
Franchising law
Personal property law
Civil remedies
Freedom of information law
Primary sources of law
Commercial law
Gender & the law
Privacy law
Company law
Human rights & civil liberties law
Private / Civil law: general works
Company, commercial & competition law
Immigration law
Private international law & conflict of laws
Comparative law
Insurance law
Procurement law
Competition law / Antitrust law
Intellectual property law
Property law
Constitutional & administrative law
International courts & procedures
Public international law
Construction & engineering law
International human rights law
Regulation of legal profession
Consumer protection law
International humanitarian law
Contract law
International law
Road traffic law, motoring offences
Conveyancing law
International maritime law
Sales & marketing management
Corporate tax
Investment & securities
Social law
Courts & procedure
IT & Communications law
Taxation & duties law
Criminal justice law
Judicial powers
Torts / Delicts
Criminal law & procedure
Jurisprudence & general issues
Trademarks law
Criminal procedure
Jurisprudence & philosophy of law
Transnational commercial law
Criminal procedure: law of evidence
Land & real estate law
Treaties & other sources of international law
Criminology: legal aspects
Wills & probate / Succession
Damages & compensation


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